Command Line Printing

CLPrint enables you to print PDF documents from your command line. With a few simple command line options, you fully control your PDF printing from within any application.

Command Line PDF Printing

CLPrint allows you to immediately print your PDF document, from the command prompt. This comes in handy for automated BATCH scripts, and also makes it easier to print PDF documents from your SQL stored procedures, which otherwise have no method of printing PDFs. Besides the mentioned scenarios, Customers widely use CLPrint as an alternative means to implement PDF printing from any programming language, by avoiding references to external libraries.

How It Works

    clprint.exe /print /pdffile:"c:\test folder\test.pdf"
    This will print out the whole test.pdf document to the default printer.

    clprint.exe /print /copies:5 /printer:"Canon MX440 MP" /pdffile:"c:\documents\test.pdf" /adobe
    This will print out 5 copies of the test.pdf document to the Canon MX440 MP printer.It will use installed Adobe Reader to print.
    clprint.exe /convert /bw /jpeg /range:1-7 /pdffile:"test.pdf" /outputfile:"c:\test\output.jpg"
    This will convert the first 7 pages of the test.pdf document to black and white jpg images.

    clprint.exe /watch "C:\testpdf">
    When a new pdf is added to the "C:\testpdf" folder, it will be automatically printed.

    clprint.exe /pdffolder "C:\testpdf"
    It will print all pdf files in the folder "C:\testpdf" using default printer settings.

    clprint /help
    Shows all available commands / settings available.

Download CLPrint and start printing right away.

Learn more about CLPrint licensing options.


Perfect Printing

Print your PDF documents to any printer you have. You can define the DPI, print range, color mode, and much more, all from your command prompt. We based CLPrint on our internal printing engine powering TSPrint, used by thousands of worldwide clients, and constantly improved, to offer the best PDF rendering engine available.

Watch Folders

You can set CLPrint in monitoring mode which allows it to automatically print out any PDF documents appearing in a predefined folder. Share that folder over the network, and allow your clients to print their documents to a printer which is otherwise not network-enabled.


Convert all of your PDF documents to any desired image format. Multipage TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and PNG are all supported.

No Need for Adobe

CLPrint is a self-contained and in-house developed solution having no dependencies, other than a minimum of .NET 2.0. This simplifies easy deployment and usage over a wide range of PCs.

Standalone Binary

Except .net framework 2.0 CLPrint has no external dependencies and requires no additional libraries or software products to work properly. All PDF rendering is done by CLPrint, which allows you to simplify the licensing of your application.

Download CLPrint and start printing right away.

Learn more about CLPrint licensing options.

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