Email Profiles for iOS and Android – Intune

Using Windows Intune you can configure Email profiles to devices which are enrolled. This article describe step by step on how to create and publish Email Profiles for iOS and Android devices. [More]

Microsoft Windows Container

Introduction to Microsoft Windows Containers, Important facts, Exciting things and benefits. [More]

Windows Intune – Enroll Devices

Step by step on Enrolling devices to Microsoft Windows intune [More]

Configuring Password Reset – Azure AD / Office 365

User password reset is a feature in both Azure Active directory basic and Azure active directory premium. It will enable users to unlock or reset their password when they forgot or lost it. this post describe how to configure this feature [More]

Azure RemoteApp – Discontinued

Microsoft has retired Azure remote app service and they have announce it on 12th Augusts of 2016. this post containing the information [More]

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