Remote Desktop Services 2016 | Design Changes and Improvements

Following post describe the major improvements and design changes of Remote Desktop Services 2016 [More]

What is Big Data?

Big data has become a buzzword in IT/Business world today. New technologies allow to generate millions of data sets many possible ways. In future, big data is going to affect to every type of businesses from small mom and pop shops to multinational organizations. [More]

Migrate Directory Synchronization to new Active Directory Domain

When business required to migrate to new domain environment, Office 365 directory synchronization need to configure with these additional steps. this post will containing how to configure Immutable ID which is required for AD Sync migration. [More]

Azure Active Directory Join

Azure active directory is multi-tenant cloud based directory and identity management service which can provide Singe-Sign-on (SSO) to many cloud based SaaS Applications. Azure AD Join is the functionality that registers a company-owned device in Azure Active Directory to enable centralized management of the device. [More]

Windows Server 2016 - Whats New

following post contain what are the new improvements and features of Windows server 2016. [More]

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