AppLocker with Windows 10

Applocker is a windows feature which can be used to block already installed application from running or prevent installing certain applications. this post describe how to use the Applocker polices with Windows 10 to block a particular application. [More]

Fog Computing

Fog computing is emerging as a new buzzword in IT world today. This new cutting edge technology combines with cloud computing to optimize the performances of Internet of Things ecosystems. [More]

Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)

Microsoft Operations Management Suite is Azure Cloud based solution which is to manage and monitor Cloud and on premise workload while not limiting to a specific vender or a specific Operating system. This post containing architecture and introduction to OMS [More]

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is a revolutionary technological breakthrough which make your daily life much easier, this post is all about internet of things and how we use it to improve out business. [More]

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