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The easy way to scan from a command line interface

CLScan is a simple but effective command-line scanning tool for TWAIN and WIA devices with a free 15-days trial.

Instead of using complicated TWAIN or WIA scanning libraries you can easily implement scanning by using our command line scanning tool. Automate your scanning needs!

15-days free trial

No registration required

Licences starting from $120

Free support and updates

Works on various platforms

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How do you scan from command line with CLScan?


Start command prompt and navigate to the folder CLScan.exe is located in


Make sure proper TWAIN or WIA driver for your scanner is installed and working


Use the command with options which work best for your use-case scenario

clscan.exe /LogToFile "C:\scan_log\log.txt" /SetFileName ""C:\scan_result\testImage.tiff"

It will do the scanning from the default scanner and it will create TIFF file in "C:\scan_result\testImage.tiff", it will also write all relevant information in log file "C:\scan_log\log.txt"

clscan.exe /GetResolutions /GetpageSizes /GetColorTypes /SetScanner "LX100_Scanner"

You can get a list of all your scanner properties by invoking CLScan like this.

clscan.exe /ReadFromIni "C:\clscan.ini"

To scan using a configuration INI file generated with the graphical user interface execute CLScan in the way shown above.

clscan.exe /Help

To list the available command line parameters and quick overview of them invoke CLScan in the way shown above.

Everything you need for simple scanning from the command line

Single Binary Distribution icon

Single Binary Distribution

Our command line scanning product does not require any installation and is provided as a single binary executable file. This will make it easy for you to include it in your product or service and distribute it further to your customers.

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Simple, fast and versatile

CLScan is based on the codebase of TSScan which is one of the most popular remote desktop scanning products on the market. This not only makes it a mature product but also a well tested product as it was used on more then 5000 different locations and tested in a large scale environment. This way we can ensure you that CLScan can be used with a wide range of TWAIN or WIA compatible scanners or even other imaging devices like web cameras.

Simple, fast and versatile icon

Configuration GUI

CLScan also comes with a graphical user interface so that you can quickly configure the desired scanning options and save them inside a ini file which is then simply passed to CLScan as a command line option. Using the GUI you can create your desired scanning configuration files and easily switch between them when necessary.

Document Types icon

Document Types

CLScan can export your scanned images in many different formats. You can also configure the compression ratio if supported by the desired image format. Please check the pricing page for more details about what image formats are supported in the different licensing options.

Supported Imaging Devices icon

Supported Imaging Devices

CLScan supports ALL imaging devices which are accesible with the WIA or TWAIN interface. This not only includes scanners but also cameras which means that you can retrieve single images from your camera.

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Affordable licensing models

CLScan comes with various types of licensing models that cover a wide range of use cases. Starting from a single installation to even redistributable licensing model, CLScan has it all.

Our tools are used by world's leading companies

Ready to try CLScan?

Our products are a must-have for both small offices and big companies. Automate your workday and avoid installing any additional software; our applications are all you need. Download a free trial and see how it is easy to use our solutions! We are offering intuitive tools with simple and affordable licensing models.

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