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Simple to use API for printing PDF documents from your .NET code

PDFPrinting.NET eliminates the hassle of printing PDF documents from your .NET code, with a simple-to-use API; and is offered with an affordable licensing model. The library also offers a PDF reader .NET control.

Print, display or convert your PDF documents with ease, using our PDFPrinting.NET library. As a standalone .NET assembly, just reference it in your product and start coding right away. The library does not depend on third party libraries, so you won't have to worry about any further licensing issues. Our redistributable licence is all you need!

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We focus on simplicity so that you can focus on your app

Print, display or convert your PDF documents with ease, using our PDFPrinting.NET library. As a standalone .NET assembly, just reference it in your product and start coding right away.

No Adobe Required

All you need are two simple lines of code! The library does not depend on third-party libraries, so you won't have to worry about any further licensing issues.

Perfect Print Results

Achieve perfect printing results by fine-tuning the printing preferences. Thanks to the advanced rasterization engine, images will come out crystal clear while the fonts will be rendered by the built-in font rendering engine.


PDF printing in C# is simple with our library. It is compatible with the .NET framework and all CLR languages.

PDF printing features

Here you can take a quick look at the most important features of PDFPrinting.NET. For a more detailed overview take a look at the quick start guide or the reference documentation.

  • Print PDF files from any NET application
  • Built-in font rendering engine
  • Handles any PDF compression and encryption
  • Full control over margins and scaling
  • Advanced rasterization engine for image printing
  • Works perfectly on any kind of printer
  • Reduced spool size and faster spooling
  • Adheres strictly to pdf specification
  • Standalone solution without outside dependencies

Simple silent printing of PDF files

Silent printing enables you to print out documents in the background without user intervention.

Convert PDF documents into images

You can convert any PDF document to the following image formats: TIFF, JPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF. You can convert just one page, a range of pages or all pages from the PDF document. You can convert a PDF document to a multi-page TIFF file.

Working with password protected PDF documents

Just with a few lines of code, check if the document is password-protected, and if it is, you can always conduct additional checks if the password is valid or if the file is supported type. This is also possible if you have your PDF document in a byte array.

Custom print properties

Set page range, landscape, copies, resolution, scaling, print in color, paper size, source tray, collate, printer name or duplex.

Silent printing with already installed Adobe Reader

In case you would like to print using Adobe Reader for some specific document where our rendering doesn't meet your needs.

Using Printer Settings in Printing

In case you decide to allow the end-user to set the desired printer and print settings, you can easily show a print dialog.

PDF viewer features

A quick overview of the functionality featured in the PDF Viewer component of PDFPrinting.NET. For detailed information, please consult the reference documentation found in the help section.

  • Display PDF from a file or byte array
  • Configure control look and feel
  • Built-in search and highlight functionality
  • Track pages and its position in display
  • Retrieve document properties
  • Bookmark view
  • Supports Zoom and Pan
  • Display PDF forms
  • Print PDF using our PDFPrinting library

Open Document

Open a PDF document and use the status of the open operation as you wish. You can also subscribe to the DocumentLoaded event to manage your application's behavior once the document is fully loaded.

Print document

You can print a PDF document and subscribe to the print events. For example, you can display the message containing the document name, number of pages in the document, and number of pages printed once the print job has been finished.

PDF Page navigation

PDF viewer provides you with different methods and properties for navigating trough a PDF document and catching events once the page is changed.

PDF Selection

Select text, retrieve selected text or images, set the selection color, or even disable selection in your document. The choice is up to you.

Search trough PDF document

A simple and basic task is made even more straightforward, with SearchNext and SearchPrevious methods and additional parameters such as case sensitive or whole word only search. Searching through the document has never been easier.

Zoom PDF document

Integrate the zoom option with ZoomIn and ZoomOut methods quickly.

PDF editor features

Here you can find a quick overview and test of the PDFPrinting.NET Editor module. For more details, please visit our quick start guide or check out the reference documentation.

  • Edit text and fonts
  • Add comments and markup
  • Insert and delete pdf pages
  • Rotate and move pages
  • Set PDF security permission
  • Fill in a PDF form
  • Extract a document page
  • Export PDF to other formats
  • Modify color space

Create new PDF document

Create a new PDF document with settings that suit the best for your use-case scenario.

Add pages to existing PDF document

Add an empty page or page filled with content by using only one line of code.

Edit existing PDF document

The core function of the editor license. Insert text using any styling you want, image, watermark, whatever comes to your mind. Be creative.

Remove pages from PDF document

If needed, you can remove a page from the document, you can even include certain conditions when it comes to removing the page.

Extracts pages from PDF document

Remove a page or number of pages from an existing document, you can even add them to the new document without harming the original one.

Protect PDF document and set user access permission

Encrypt the document with, for example, AES256 encryption, change the user access permission, or even secure it with a username and password or disable form fills.

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