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Simple to use API for scanning from your .NET code

Looking for a fully TWAIN compatible scanning library for your .NET Projects? Download the TwainScanning.NET free demo version and start scanning!

From a simple JPEG to a multipage PDF document, TwainScanning.NET will allow you to choose and scan your documents to many formats easily.

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Licences starting from $199

One year of free support

Works on various platforms

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Get your physical documents to a PDF document with only a few lines of code.

As the library doesn't depend on other thid party libraries, you will have no additional licensing costs. That way you can scan your documents to any image or PDF format without any worry.

Any TWAIN Device icon

Any TWAIN Device

While developing the product we took great care to implement the TWAIN specification fully and to avoid any incompatibilities.

Many Output Formats

Many Output Formats

From a multipage PDF document to a simple JPEG, TwainScanning.NET will allow you to choose and scan your documents to various different formats.

Full Control icon

Full Control

With the fine-grained control over the TWAIN protocol, the library suits any use case scenario, even if the requirements are complex.

TwainScanning features

TwainScanning library offers various features which can make scanning in your project much simpler. In the section below, you can take a look at the few basic features of TwainScanning library. For a more detailed overview of all the available features, please check the quick start guide or the reference documentation.

Use scaner UI to save files icon

Use scanner UI to save files

TwainScanning offers you an option to call the default scanner driver UI which is user-friendly towards end users. You can define a custom save location and a custom name for the file if needed.

Initiate a scan from any scanner source silently icon

Initiate a scan from any scanner source silently

One of the options is to define predefined settings and initiate the scan without showing the scanners interface. You can, for example, scan 20 pages from ADF and save it to the PDF without launching the scanner UI.

Get detailed information of all available scanners icon

Get detailed information of all available scanners

You can easily iterate over installed scanners on the system and get their information. With that, you can as well set the default device for all the future scans.

Check advanced settings of a device icon

Check advanced settings of a device

Advanced settings and information such as battery percentage of a scanner or all available paper orientations can be accessed with just a few lines of code.

Asynchronous scan icon

Asynchronous scan

Scanning this way allows you to perform the scan job in the background so your end users can use your application without any interruptions.

Get basic scanner details icon

Get basic scanner details

Available page sizes, resolutions, color, modes etc. are all available if basic scanner details are needed for your use-case scenario.

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Our products are a must-have for both small offices and big companies. Automate your workday and avoid installing any additional software; our applications are all you need. Download a free trial and see how it is easy to use our solutions! We are offering intuitive tools with simple and affordable licensing models.

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