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Twain Scanner On the palm of your hand

How to get started

1. Install UniTwain Server On Your PC
size: 45 MB
2. Install UniTwain Mobile On Your Smartphone
3. Start Scanning

Now you are ready to use your smartphone as a fully twain compliant scanning device. Choose between taking normal pictures with you phone and importing them to your application or use the UniTwain SmartScan for documents. With the SmartScan feature you will be able to take a picture of the document on your table and get it digitaly enhanced to look like it was scanned on a real flatbed scanner.

Scan your documents wirelessly

You are no more bound to your desk for getting document or images into your application. Have to take an image of a newly arrived shipment, just take your phone out, take a snapshot and send it right to your computer. Have to take an image of your patient for your EMR application, just use your tablet and send it back to the EMR application. Currently on a construction field and need to get the contruction plans scanned. No problem with UniTwain mobile just do a SmartScan of the plans and when you later arrive in your office import them to the computer with a few taps on your phone.

Indistinguishable from a scanner

UniTwain mobile comes with the SmartScan feature. SmartScan detects a document on any surface and digitally removes the background and further enhances the document by removing shadows, improving contrast, removing highlights and fixing perspective. The resulting image will be like any document you scanned from your flatbed scanner.

Compatible with any scanning application

UniTwain Mobile comes with a fully TWAIN compliant driver on your PC. This way any application on Windows which scans and utilizes TWAIN will be able to see the UniTwain device. Select the UniTwain virtual scanner and it will show the UniTwain interface, from there you can in realtime receive any images or documents taken with the smartphone app.

Scan Anything

By using the the UniTwain Mobile app together with the UniTwain desktop application you are no more bound to your desk or by the size of your scanning device.

Try UniTwain mobile free for 15 days without any restrictions. The IOS and Android apps are provided free of charge.

Get a UniTwain Mobile license for a single computer starting from $199.00. Tech support and software upgrades are provided for free

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