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Terminalworks Software Assurance Package Terms and Conditions

Term of Agreement

These Terms and Conditions („Terms“) are between Terminalworks Ltd. ("us", "we", "or "our") and the Customer who acquired the SOFTWARE ASSURANCE PACKAGE („you“ or „your“). These Terms outline the terms and conditions of our relationship with you during this subscription. The Software Assurance Package („subscription“) is a software subscription and support program specifically designed to maximize the value of our product including the below-explained Services.

Ownership Limited License

For so long as you are our customer and paying the subscription Fees required by these Terms, the subscription is bound to your license acquired for TSPrint and/or TSScan („product“) bound to („page“). The product license that will be located under your account on our page is included within the services provided in this subscription during the duration of the same.

Your Account

The Account is automatically generated upon a purchase of a product. Your Account must be registered under your current full legal name, your email address, and your current business address. It is your responsibility to keep your e-mail address current. If you need to update your email address, please contact [email protected] or make the changes under Account Info once logged into


Priority Support

While you are a customer of the subscription, you are entitled to priority support including the following options. Phone and Chat support is available from 10 AM till 10 PM Central European Time („Active Hours“). Active hours can change and are visible at any given moment on You will receive a direct contact that will handle your reported issues.

  • Priority Email Support

    We will provide You with email support. You are entitled to request help through our contact form, support request form or directly by email at [email protected] by including your subscription number within the request. During Active Hours, five days a week for 12 hours a day, we guarantee a reply within an hour. Off hours as well as through weekends and Holidays You will receive a reply within a time interval of maximum 6 hours delaying your initial request, while we are offline. We take priority on the cases submitted by You answering them before any other tickets received by none subscription users.
  • Priority Phone Support

    You are entitled to a direct line to our support staff. During Active hours, If in any case, the line was busy we will have the first free agent contact your back. You can reach our support staff at +1 (407) 567-0096 and/or leave a message to get back to you including your subscription number or give us a direct call to the subscription phone number you will receive after the registration of the subscription.
  • Priority Chat Support

    The Chat is available and active during Active hours. To access priority Chat support, log into your account at our page, click on the orange bubble saying "Questions?" within the lower right corner of our page. Then, fill out the details and select the Start Chating option when ready to begin the chat session. The chat can also be accessed outside your account on our page, in the same location but without your subscription ID. To receive the premium chat support enter the ID within the field required for it. If in any case, the chat options are not visible, try a different browser, or check with your Administrator to unblock the plug-in needed
  • Guaranteed Software Updates

    If we provide an upgrade to the product, You may acquire that upgrade, and use the upgraded product. Regardless of the version you intend to purchase now or the one you owned, within this package, You can update the product to the latest release free of charge.

Termination or Cancellations of Accounts Refunds

We reserve the right to terminate your subscription for nonpayment. You may cancel at any time before the end of your subscription, and you will not be charged for an additional year of using the Services. Within the first year, you may cancel your subscription before the Renewal Date, and your subscription will not be renewed. We provide refunds for the subscription charged within the first 90 days if in any case, you see fit that we did not provide you with the services included.

Modification Termination of These Terms

We may modify these Terms from time to time. We will notify you via email or by posting on our page of such modification and will note the date of the last modification. If you use the Services after those updates are posted, you are deemed to accept and agree to be bound by those changes. These Terms will continue to apply until terminated either by you or by us as previously described in these Terms.

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