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Terminalworks ASP.NET Core PDF Viewer - Documentation

This page explains how to use our PDF Viewer (TWPdfViewer component) in your ASP.NET Core (3.1 and newer) application.
All of this tecnologies are supported: RazorPages, MVC, Blazor, WebAssembly.

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Standard usage

Terminalworks ASP.NET Core PDF Viewer - Documentation

Quick Start PDF

With as little as needed information, this PDF tutorial is a good resource if you want to use TWPdfViewer component as soon as possible with minimal interaction with its documentation.

Quick Start PDF

Reference documentation

This reference has two logical parts:

  1. More detailed instructions with examples how to customize TWPdfViewer component in your ASP.NET Core (3.1 and newer) application
  2. Standard C# reference of all available classes, methods and properties available in TWPdfViewer component

Check out Reference Documentation

Advanced usage

This is useful only if your use-case demands that you take control from Javascript over TWPdfViewer component once it is rendered.
In most cases, that wouldn't be necessary and Standard usage instructions are more than enough.

Javascript reference documentation

All the TWPdfViewer JavaScript methods and properties can be found here. If you need some examples on ideas what you can do, check out the link in the section below.

Javascript Reference

Javascript examples

Many different examples how to use TWPdfViewer component from JavaScript code.

Show me the examples

If you have additional questions, check our ASP.NET Core PDF Viewer FAQ and if not already answered don't hestitate to contact us through the form below or at [email protected]

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