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Introduction to the ASP.NET Core PDF Viewer

TerminalWorks ASP.NET Core PDF Viewer is a web component for PDF display in ASP.NET Core applications.

Our component is based on reliable Mozilla PDF viewer pdf.js

Official web page:


ASP.NET Core 3.1 or newer.

It is a Razor class library and supported ASP.NET Core tecnologies are: Blazor, RazorPages, MVC and WebAssembly.
It is build as a .NET Standard 2.1.

Supported browsers:

All modern browsers, including IE11, are supported.
IE10 and older IE versions aren't supported.
Safari is supported from version 11 and above.

Supported functionalities:
  • mobile responsive

  • accessiblity friendly

  • standard viewer features

  • easy to translate

  • customizable themes

Standard viewer features:
  • open and download PDF

  • display annotations

  • zoom

  • single/multi-page view

  • select texts

  • rotate

  • print

  • bookmarks

  • page navigation

  • search PDF

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