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Terminalworks.PdfViewer.AspNetCore.Texts Namespace

Namespace contains classes for all available texts used in various formats (buttons, labels etc.).
Public classAriaLabels
Contains aria labels for all available buttons and inputs.
Public classDocumentInfoTexts
Label texts used in document info window.
Public classMessages
Messages used for displaying warnings, information and erros.
Public classMiscTexts
Miscellaneous displayed text not already covered in other specific text classes.
Public classTextCodeNames
Internal code names used for various actions, information and buttons.
Public classTextCodeNamesAriaLabels
Code names used for aria labels.
Public classTextCodeNamesDocumentInfo
Code names used for document information labels.
Public classTextCodeNamesMessages
Code names used for messages.
Public classTextCodeNamesMisc
Code names used for miscellaneous displayed text.
Public classTextCodeNamesTooltips
Code names used for tooltips.
Public classTooltips
Tooltips displayed on hover.
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