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TerminalWorks Webpage Update

After half a year of steady development we are now releasing our new website which should offer our clients a much better experience.The redesign was done to get some spotlight on our other products but also make it more visually pleasing. 

Customer Portal

Besides the visual and content changes our customer portal got heavily updated as well so that our clients and partner have much more control and options regarding their purchased licenses. This will ensure that you as a customer can change or update your licenses without having to contact our support team. Most of the time a license update or transfer required to get in touch with our team which imposed an unnecessary delay in this task. This is now fully updated automated. 


Our new website is fully responsive so that you can visit us from a wide range of devices. Be it your desktop computer or your mobile device the site will properly scale all it contents. 


After release we will also engage more with our customers through social channels like Facebook and Twitter so don't forget to follow us there. Our blog is now also being updated on a weekly schedule. Keep and eye out on our blog as we will release some free tools for your remote desktop server.

Thank You

TerminalWorks is now five years old and has grown from a two man company to one of the largest IT companies in Croatia. We would like to thank all our customers for their trust in us and our products. We hope that in the following years we can offer you an even better service. 


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