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BLOG Published on 2014/11/24 by Terminalworks in News, TSPrint

TSPrint 2.0 Released

Today we finally published TSPrint 2.0. After almost a year of development and testing the release is ready for the public.


What's New?

With this release we tried to drastically improve the performance of TSPrint and also support a much wider selection of devices right out of the box. This was primary achieved by introducing EMF as the intermediate format for document transport instead of PDF.



Until now, by default, print job is converted to PDF format and sent to the local printer. Besides PDF there was also an option to use XPS format. In TSPrint 2 to improve printing performance, we added a new printer driver, which uses EMF format to spool documents. EMF is a file extension for Enhanced MetaFile, a spool file format used in printing by the Windows operating system. We would like to provide you a short description of its main features. 

 Page by page printing


Normally the document is spooled on the server side and then transfered to the local printer. With the Page by Page option the first page is automatically send to the local device and each page after that so that you don't have to wait for the spooling to finish on the server side.

 Better printing results

The EMF file format does not compress the document as much as XPS and PDF do. Also the margins should stay true to the original document  This way we will also minimize the need to custom create print settings.


Dynamic channel technology

Static channel had limitations, especially with RemoteApps. For example, when you connect at the same time to two RemoteApps, only the first RemoteApp would work properly. All limitations which came across with static channels, are now gone. Furthermore, integrating virtual channel in TSPrint 2 resulted in improved speed and stability of our product. We are glad to be the first solution on the market which integrated Virtual Channels to their product. 

TSPrint Network

In TSPrint 2 we added a new printer, which we named TSPrint Network. Using TSPrint Network you are able to print to any of your colleagues printers which are currently connected to your terminal server. This way it's easier to use printers which are not directly connected to your local PC or have network functionality.

TSPrint PDF update

We improved our current TSPrint PDF printer by allowing you to specify which actions of the 4 actions are allowed on your server thus giving you more control of your environment 


For much more details about the release and the new feature place download our TSPrint 2.0 brochure:

Download TSPrint 2.0 Features Documentation 


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