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Volume Activation Management Tool with Windows 10 ADK – Installing and Activation.

A few years back I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to install, configure and activate product licenses using VAMT 3.1 tool (here). It has become a very popular topic and I got good feedback on the article. However, with the new releases of the VAMT, there have been slight changes to the implementations and license configurations. So, in this article, I will update my previous post (here) with the changes so you can use the latest VAMT.

What is VAMT - Microsoft Volume Activation Management Toolkit is a free tool to manage and apply Microsoft licenses over the network. VAMT can manage volume activation using Multiple Activation Keys (MAKs) or the Windows Key Management Service (KMS). The tool can be loaded with your volume licensing keys and when required each machine can be queried for its license state and activate from the preloaded keys. Activations can be proxied through the VAMT installed machine, which means end-user machines does not require an internet connection.

Installing prerequisites – SQL Express

When comparing with the previous version, latest VAMT requires you to download and install SQL database as a prerequisite, if you have SQL server you can use it or you can use the SQL Express version which is free to use. Here I’m downloading and installing SQL express 2017.

  1. Navigate to the following URL and click download SQL Express 2017
  2. Run the downloaded setup and click download media

  3. Select Express Advanced and click Download

  4. After download click Open folder and run the setup to extract the files.
  5. Run the setup and select new SQL installation and proceed with the wizard.

  6. Click next until the wizard completed successfully.


Downloading and installing VAMT

  1. VAMT package comes with Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit, this is basically supported with tools for Windows 10. So, with each Windows 10 update cycle, ADK version is getting updated. You can download the latest version from the following link.
  1. After downloading the initial setup, run it to download the VAMT. You can download the package to the installing server or on a separate server.

  2. Select only the VAMT and click Install