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Azure Migrate | Installing and Configuring Server Assessment tool

Azure Migrate is a Central hub for all the cloud migration activities. It's helping you to discover, assess, and migrate on-premises servers, apps, and data to the Microsoft Azure cloud. To support the discovery and assessment of servers you can use the Server Assessment tool of Azure Migrate. From this post lets discuss step by step on installing and configuring the Server Assessment tool. Please read my previous blog post of Azure Migrate | Hub for all thing’s migration for detail introduction and architecture of Azure Migrate.

Azure Migrate Server Assessment tool is a lightweight appliance where you need to implement on your on-premise datacenter. it comes as VMware, Hyper-V and Physical appliances, you can download OVA file for VMware, VHD file for Hyper-V and Zipped folder with PowerShell scripts for Physical implementations. For this post, I’m doing the VMware implementation.


Prerequisites – VMware Appliance

Virtual appliance prerequisites

  • vCenter server/host- The appliance VM must be deployed on an ESXi host running version 5.5 or later. vCenter Server running 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, or 6.7.
  • Allocate a VM with 32-GB RAM, 8 vCPUs, around 80 GB of disk storage, and an external virtual switch.
  • The appliance requires internet access, either directly or through a proxy
  • The downloaded appliance template comes with a Windows Server 2016 evaluation license, which is valid for 180 days. If this is expired or close to expiry download and redeploy a new appliance.

Download the OVA template

  1. To download the appliance, first, you need to create a new migration, please refer to the create new migration section below the article.
  2. Then click Discover and make sure Discover using appliance is selected.
  3. Next select virtualization technology from the drop-down list, here I’m using VMware appliance, so I’ve selected “Yes, with VMware vSphere Hypervisor”
  4. Click Download.OVA file

  5. Or the simple and easiest way to download from this URL 😊

Deploy the VM

Open the vSphere console and Deploy the downloaded OVA file.

Provide the other configurations such as Network connectivity


Create the Migration Assessment

  1. Login to Azure PortalAzure MigratorAsses and Migrate Servers

  2. In Add tool windows, provide Subscription, resource group and Migrate project name to create a new migration.

  3. Select Azure Migrate: Server Assessment tool

  4. If you want to add the migration tool (Azure Migrate: Server Migration) select and next or tick Skip adding migration tool now and Next

  5. In the Review page click Add Tools


Configure the Azure migrate appliance – Set up Prerequisites


  1. Login to the appliance and double click the Microsoft Azure Appliance configurations manager shortcut.