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TSPrint is now Android and Chromebook friendly!



As the whole world is turning mobile, so is the TSPrint.

From now on, you can enjoy all the remote desktop printing perks from your Android phone or Chromebook.


We have made mobile TSPrint Client extremely easy to use. Three steps are all it takes to set it up:

  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. Run it and keep it open in the background


Just make sure to enable folder redirection in the (mobile) remote desktop client of your choice. However, as there are many remote desktop clients on the Google Playstore, we would recommend using Microsoft Remote Desktop client as it's widely used, and we can guarantee TSPrint will work great alongside it.


And... that's it! You know the rest! Connect to the remote desktop server where the TSPrint Server is installed and start printing as you always do, but now directly from your phone or Chromebook.



Once the print is initiated on the server, the notification will arrive on your mobile phone, where you can open up the TSPrint Client and select all the print jobs you wish to send to your local printer. You can choose between selecting all the print jobs at once and printing them, or you can print one by one by your choice.



If you're not familiar with the TSPrint eco-system, here is a quick introduction:

TSPrint comes in two parts and requires both parts to be installed to work properly - the client and the server part. The server part goes on your terminal server or a PC, which will act as a server, and the client part goes on the PC (or, in this case, mobile phone or Chromebook) you're connecting from. Once you connect to the server, simply print to one of the three virtual TSPrint printers.


To get more familiar with all the TSPrint features, make sure to check out our knowledgebase section or contact our support department directly. Our agents will be happy to answer all of the questions you might have.


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