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BLOG Published on 2021/02/10 by Terminalworks in TSPrint, News

TSPrint with a whole new look!

After all this time, we have finally complied with your requests and designed a new look for our Remote Desktop Printing solution, TSPrint. All options that were once available in separate apps within our previous versions can now be accessed from one spot. By opening TSPrint Server options, you can instantly access the TSPrint Printer Manager, the Default Printer app, TSPrint license registration from it with ease.

With the new version, you can update your old Windows 7 looking TSPrint in a few simple steps. Regardless if you plan on updating the client portion or the server portion, both can be done by installing the new version over your existing one. It is even recommended on the server, so it keeps your current license in place, and it does not need to be applied manually after the update.

With the new look, both the server and client, aside from the default English, can now be used in German, Spanish, and French. Now before you start the installation, you are free to choose the language best suited for you. The language can be adjusted after the installation within the options of the server.

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