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BLOG Published on 2022/06/03 by Terminalworks in News

ASP.NET Core PDF Viewer

Our new ASP.NET Core PDF Viewer

Make sure everyone checking out your website see the PDF document you are so thrilled to share with the world. ASP.NET Core PDF Viewer offers various usability and customization options and supports all modern browsers. Thanks to our detailed documentation and examples, it is straightforward to integrate, and you can quickly get familiar with it.

What's under the hood?

As it's based on well know and well-tested Mozzila PdfJS solution, ASP.NET Core PDF viewer, works like a charm, and it is easy to integrate it with ASP.NET Core Razor pages, MVC, and Blazor or Webassembly apps/websites. The viewer is built as a .NET Standard 2.1. The requirement is ASP.NET Core 3.1 or newer.

Make it fit your style and needs

The viewer provides you with all the standard viewer features, and it also comes with various options for customization. Starting from changing the fonts to suit your needs all the way to adjusting the whole theme. Let's not forget to mention that the viewer comes with 11 preloaded themes, which can be edited in any way you like.

Usable by everyone

We tried our best to design the product focusing on accessibility and the wide range of browsers that it supports. All modern browsers, including the Internet Explorer 11, are supported. Safari is supported from version 11 and above.

Affordable pricing with great support

The purchase is a one-time payment without any hidden or recurring costs. You will receive one year of free upgrades and support with the purchase. Our in-house team of developers maintains the viewer, so rest assured - your questions or issues you might face will be taken care of with special attention.

Do you know you can try it out right away?

Yes, that's correct. You can visit the demo version of the viewer on our website right HERE or by pressing the button below. In the "Viewer settings" modal, you can make some adjustments that you usually make while integrating it into your website. The dropdown with our custom preloaded themes is also available so that you can explore all of them right away.

See the demo!
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Demo Button ASP.NET Core PDF Viewer


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