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BLOG Published on 2022/07/08 by Terminalworks in News

TwainScanning now supports x64 and AnyCPU development!

x64 and AnyCPU support is here!

Our TwainScanning library has been a rock-solid companion for many solutions which require TWAIN scanning functionality, but we would often get questions like "Why am I limited to building only 32-bit solutions? I need more!". That's why we are now proud to present: Bridgex86!

What is it?

Bridgex86 is an addition to TwainScanning functionality, it represents a workaround for the problem of using 32-bit scanner drivers in 64-bit applications. Starting with version, a new workflow is offered with Bridgex86 which makes this a reality. This new workflow provides most of the important features already available in TwainScanning, with the only downsides being a slight performance impact and only synchronous scanning. In addition to enabling the development of 64-bit applications, the workflow is also simplified and makes it faster than ever to implement TWAIN scanning functionalities.

Why is this important?

Most scanners come with 32-bit drivers and to use their applications need to also be built as 32-bit. 64-bit applications can't work with 32-bit scanner drivers. But what if an application needs to be 64-bit? Or even have the best of both worlds by being AnyCPU? That's where Bridgex86 comes in. By using the new workflow that Bridgex86 provides it's now possible to build 64-bit or AnyCPU applications and still be able to communicate with 32-bit drivers. For the best performance, we still suggest creating 32-bit applications. But for situations where this is not possible: Bridgex86 has you covered.

What about 64-bit drivers?

With this addition, the TwainScanning library now supports all platforms: x86/x64/AnyCPU. The standard TwainScanning library already supports 64-bit drivers and requires applications to be built as 64-bit as well. Bridgex86 is just for working with 32-bit drivers, for 64-bit drivers it is not required, use the standard library instead.

Give it a try!

Best of all: Bridgex86 is a standard part of the TwainScanning library and requires only a purchased license for commercial use. If you're just curious and want to try it before buying, download it right away and try it out with the usual watermark applied. Take it for a spin by downloading version here. And have a look at how to use it by using the quick start guide, following the examples, or by examining the Bridgex86Sample application and its provided source code when downloaded from our product download page.


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