Our licensing policy is based on a one-time payment model. You pay no additional fees to receive upgrades or technical support, which are included in the price of the product.


TSScan offers the same affordable and simple licensing as TSPrint. TSScan licensing is not based per scanning device or client, but instead per terminal server installation.

Many TSScan Users
on a terminal server?
Unlimited Users License
You can use TSScan on a single terminal server with no limitation to the number of users connected, or how many scanners each user has.
Enter number of TSScan users on your server:
A TSScan Per User License
for the remote host
Limited license
Ideal for a single remote desktop server where less than 5 users need TSScan
Enter number of TSScan users on your server:
TSScan Licensing
  • One time payment without any recurring or hidden costs.
  • Software upgrades and customer support is included and available for free.
  • Both TSScan license types are applied only to a single remote desktop server. Client installations are not separately licensed.
  • Limited license monitors the number of connected users with the TSScan client installed.
  • In case more users connect then allowed by the Limited license the last user will not be able to scan via TSScan.
  • You can upgrade a Limited license at any time through our customer portal in case the need arises for additional allowed sessions.

License Expired?

Request a free trial license extension in case you need more time to evaluate our product. You will receive your new trial license shortly after you fill out the application.

Partner Program

Cloud services and managed services providers can benefit with our products.
The TerminalWorks Partner Program enables you to buy license packages of TerminalWorks products and resell them.

Contact information

Technical Support Phone:
+1 (407) 567-0096
Sales Phone:
+1 (407) 567-0097
Telephone support available from 10 AM till 10 PM CET

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