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frequently asked questions for “tsscan”

How Does TSScan Work?

TSScan creates virtual scanners on your remote desktop server which he then maps to your local scanners. This way you basically get a one to one scanner mapping on your terminal server.

Do I need to install any drivers?

No. You don't have any reason to install any drivers on your server but your also don't have to do anything else. The installation procedure takes care of everything and not more than five clicks are required to get TSScan up and running for all your users.

What scanner can be used for scanning?

TSScan will work with all modern document scanners, and supports: page feeders, card scanners, slides/transparencies and high capacity scanners with full duplex support.

Important:Fujitsu ScanSnap Series is supported after a certain version. Read more about this topic: here.

Do I need to forward any port for TSScan to work?

No. Just as TSPrint so is TSScan using the Microsoft Virtual Channels technology, so all traffic goes through the secured RDP connection. No need to forward or open any ports for TSScan to work.

Can I use TSScan over the internet?

Yes. You can use TSScan both on a internet connection and your local area network. It really makes no difference except the time required till the scanned document or image arrives on your remote desktop. But the difference is mostly minor.

TSScan not showing the scanners in the list when usied during a Citrix remote session. What can I do?

Log in to the workstation where the scanner is connected / installed to.

If Citrix receiver was installed by a user with administrative rights, do the following:
Open the registry editor (regedit) and locate the following:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SOFTWARE - Citrix - ICA Client - Engine - Configuration - Advanced - Modules - ICA 3.0
Right click 'VirtualDriver' and delete 'TwainRdr,' from it. Press 'OK' and close the registry editor.

If Citrix receiver was installed by a user without administrative rights, do the following:
Open the registry editor (regedit) and locate the following:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER - SOFTWARE - Citrix - ICA Client - Engine - Configuration - Advanced - Modules - ICA 3.0
Right click 'VirtualDriver' and delete 'TwainRdr,' from it. Press 'OK' and close the registry editor.

Do I need to reboot my server after installing TSScan Server?

No. The product installation doesn't require any reboots before you can use it.

Is NextGen working with TSScan?

Yes, TSScan does support NextGen. There is a little adjustment to be made. On a terminal server you have to delete the following file: C:\Windows\twain_32.dll .

Sometimes Windows caches this DLL and will restore it from its cache: C:\Windows\System32\ddlcache. Delete the twain_32.dll from this location also.

The most common error message assotiated with this issue is: "Unable to close the image device. StartScan: Cannot close Data Source. DG Dat MSG out of expected sequence. Value1:0, Value2:0."

You can also solve this issue by downloading and running this application on your terminal server: NextGenFix

When I start to scan on the terminal server the TSScanConsole.exe process throws an error.

When the TSScanConsole.exe throws a error message from your local workstation it is mostly happening because of a corrupt TWAIN driver.
TWAIN drivers are located in C:\Windows\twain_32\.

Now remove folder per folder in that directory and check if the error message still shows up. When it stops appearing you should know which driver was causing the issue. Now try to find a newer release of the driver or re-install it.

Microsoft Office Document Scanning is not working

To resolve this issue please delete the following registry key from your user profile:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Twain

When scanning multiple pages I receive only a single page in my application

Most of the time when users experience this issue it is happening because the application from which you are scanning is configured to scan only a single page but TSScan in return is configured to auto-detect the number of page. To resolve this please make sure that your application is configured for multipage or feeder scanning. This will then load all images which TSScan scanned to the application.

How to install TSScan on Mac?

Take a look at this short video tutorial on how to install the TSScan client for MacOS.

What are supported scanners for TSScan on Mac OS?

You can find list of supported scanners on Apple official page.

When using Adobe I get an error message when scanning

To resolve this issue please delete the following registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Twain

How to enable the communication if using Citrix or any other RDP Client besides Microsoft RDP on MAC?

We added Support for Citrix and all RDP clients on MAC
You can activate the communication by opening TSScan on the server Desktop. Once opened under tools as described in the picture bellow, you can activate the MAC communication.

After you swich to it, the window will close and you will be able to see the TSSCan MAC window as bellow.

When you see the TSScan window as shown in the picture above, simply start scanning and the communication with your MAC will be established.

TSScan receiving Message "Device is not open"?

The device is not open is a common issue where the local scanner is unreachable by TSScan.
Example below (TSScan Server on 2012R2).

As a first suggestion, you could try to check the scanner UI box as it would give you a driver error provided
by the scanner manufacturer directly to see if there is another issue with the communication. You can also try and open the following tool on the client side to see if the driver is working still on your PC as it should:
Try Locating your scanner under File-Select Scan/Twain Source and now try to scan by going into File>Acquire/Batch scanning. Your scanner needs to be visible and working locally, so it's usable by TSScan in the session.

Also, if none of the steps above helped you can try turning your scanner OFF and ON again to see if the connection will be established again with your local PC.

vWorkspace communication error

When using vWorkspace with TSScan, users experience communication error

Resolution is to install fixes from the following links depending on your client system. One is for 32bit machines, another is for 64 bit machines.

vWorkspace communication error fix x32 client

vWorkspace communication error fix x64 client

Can we disable TSScan 3?

The image below shows the options you receive with TSScan server after the installation.
All settings can be applied on per user basis or if opened as Administrator to all user connecting to this server.

To revert your TSScan 3 to the previous TSScan protocol and usage of the system, you can just un-check the Dynamic Redirection feature shown above. Such a change will result in the scanning to behave as if you still used TSScan 2.All can calls issues after the change was made go through the original twain_32_system.dll.

NOTE: This would be recommended only in a case if your application is having some problems with the
TSSCan 3 version you have on the server.

Does TSScan work with Ericom Blaze RDP?

Ericom Blaze RDP

In order for Ericom Blaze RDP to be working with TSPrint or TSScan, you have to do the following:

Start Ericom Blaze RDP client and open the 'Local Resources' tab. Press the '3rd party addins' button.

Check the box next to TSPrint and/or TSScan and press the 'OK' button.

I get a FreeImage error message when using TSScan

To resolve this issue please make sure that you have at least TSScan Server version installed on your terminal or citrix server.

Does TSScan support ScanSnap?

Yes, ScanSnap scanners are supported with the TSScan but only with TSScan version or higher.
To set up the TSScan with your ScanSnap scanner, please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure that the ScanSnap Manager is installed on your local PC.
This is the main requirement for the ScanSnap to work with the TSScan. If the ScanSnap Manager isn't installed, the ScanSnap device won't be visible as a source in the TSScan application.

2. If you're using the TSScan as a scanner from your application, select the TSScan as a source

3. The ScanSnap should show as a source now in the TSScan application

And the settings for your new ScanSnap scanner should be available now:

Please note that the TSScan Scan Engine 3.0 doesn't support ScanSnap as a source.

Why is my scan window going behind the session on my MAC?

To resolve this issue caused by the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop application version, please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you're running the latest version of the TSScan Client as well as the TSScan Server.
You can download the latest client version here.
And the server version here.

After you have installed the latest version, before you connect to the remote session, please do the following:

2. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop application and click on the small edit button as marked on the image below.

3. Redirect the TSScanDrive folder into the remote session by clicking on a "plus" sign in the bottom left corner, as marked on the image below. Make sure to select the folder called TSScanDrive located in your Documents folder. Click on "Save."

That should do the trick. Now connect to the remote session and start scanning!

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