Webcam for RDP - Commercial Update

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TSWebcam - Remote Desktop Webcam


By using TSWebcam you will be able to access your local web camera on your terminal server session. TSWebCam supports all web cameras which offer a DirectShow interface. On the server side it will also map your local camera to a direct show interface so that application like Skype, Google Hangout or for example Facebook will be able to utilise it.

Please note that TSWebcam does not provide a TWAIN interface to the webcam. For that you can use our UniTwain product.





TSWebcam comes in two installation packages:

  • TSWebcam client 
  • TSWebcam server

You install the client package onto your local workstation. Once done you log-in to your terminal server and install the server package. After that you are ready to go.


We decided to provide TSWebcam free of charge. The downloads are limited by a 60 day trial period. However you can just contact our support department and you will receive a full license for free. 

Update December 1st 2015: TSWebcam is now available as a commercial product. The price for a server license is $99.00. Support is now also available for TSWebcam. Please visit for more information. 

Customers who have a free license can not upgrade to the commercial version of the product as their license will be invalid.


For the latest downloads please visit:



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