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Frequently asked questions for TwainScanning.NET

The library will support any TWAIN compatible scanner. The library is built upon the TWAIN 1.9 standard which is also compatible with newer TWAIN 2.3 scanners. So as long as your scanning device is TWAIN certified or compatible, you should be able to utilize our library fully.

The library's demo version comes with full functionality, with the only limitation being a DEMO watermark appearing on every scanned page. So you can start implementing the library in your app and see how it will work. Once you are satisfied with the results, you purchase a license, and the watermark gets removed.

The library is fully implemented in C# .NET so any programming language running on the .NET VM will work properly with the library.

Currently, you can save your scanned documents in two ways. One way is to save it to a multi-page format where all scanned pages will be saved inside a single file. The formats supported for multipage saving are: - TIFF - PDF The other way would be to save each scanned document into a separate file. The supported file formats are: - BMP - TIFF - PDF - JPEG - PNG

The TwainScanning library supports all platforms: x86/x64/AnyCPU. 
Most scanners come with 32-bit drivers, and for best performance, we suggest creating 32-bit applications. 

For scenarios where 64-bit or AnyCPU applications are required, and 32-bit drivers are used, we provide a workaround in the form of Bridgex86. 
It provides a different workflow with most of the important features available, but with a slight performance impact and only synchronous scanning. 

For examples of how to use Bridgex86 take a look at the Bridgex86Sample application and source code provided in the ZIP archive available from the product download page. 

For working with 64-bit drivers the Bridgex86 is not required, use the standard library instead and set the GlobalConfig.Force64BitDriver property to true.

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