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Frequently asked questions for Sales & Licensing

After buying a TSScan or TSPrint license you have full rights to any further new version of TSScan or TSPrint. You are free to download the latest releases from our web page and install them over you existing installation. We are not just offering bug fixes but you will also receive exciting new features for free.
TerminalWorks is providing free technical support for both clients who already have purchased our product and for potential clients who just started evaluating our product.
We are available for chat, phone and e-mail support. Telephone and chat support is available every working day from 10AM till 10PM CET (Central European Timezone) but you can also reach us via e-mail outside that timeframe. All e-mail support tickets are answered in less than 24 hours but it should not take more than 8 hours till you receive a reply from us.

Yes. Re-seller pricing is available through the TerminalWorks partner program. You can apply for a partner account at:
Partner Application Form

There are no requirements in terms of sales per year but each application should be a software vendor or managed service provider.

All our products come with a free 30 day trial which you can download without any registration from:

For TSPrint visit: TSPrint Download Page

For TSScan visit:  TSScan Download Page

If the 30 day trial is not enough and you need more time to evaluate our product you can extend the trial period further by visiting:
Trial Extension Page

So please before purchasing our product evaluate it properly as we are only refunding in very rare cases

At TerminalWorks we offer 25 days of trial for TSPrint, TSScan and TSwebcam, 15 days for Unitwain and 7 days for CLPrint and CLScan. PDFprinting and TWAINscanning come with full license with a watermark and after the purchase the watermark is removed.

If the provided trial is not enough and you need more time to evaluate our product, you can extend the trial period further by visiting:
Trial Extension Page

Please make sure that you properly enter the hardware-id on the trial extension form:
Hardware-ID Info Page

On some servers, the Load License mechanism from the License Registration dialog does not work as permissions required to overwrite the trial license are missing. Because of that, you have to follow these steps:

Please log-in to your terminal server. Now go to:
C:\Program Files(x86)\TerminalWorks\TSScan Server\ (for TSPrint use TSPrint Server)

In that folder, delete each file that ends with .license

Now copy the license file you received after purchasing to that folder and open
the license registration dialog. Now it should show that you have a paid license.

TSPrint and TSScan have the same licensing system, so if you are unsure which license you require, please read the text below.

The license is applied to the server part of the installation, and each server part requires a separate license. However, the license type depends on the number of concurrently connected users that will need to use the software.
Our licensing system only counts the concurrently connected users with the adequate client part installed on their local PCs.
The unlimited user license has no limitation on the number of concurrently connected users with the client part installed on their local PCs.
Limited (per user) license counts the concurrently connected users with the client part installed on their local PCs. It is recommended for smaller environments with 4 or fewer users connected to the server simultaneously.

Here is an example for 1 server part installation and 5 users with the client part installed, in which case we recommend the Unlimited license because of a small pricing difference

TSScan TSPrint Pricing

Limited licenses can be updated by adding more users or upgrading straight to the Unlimited license by paying the price difference only.

Supported payments:

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Carte Bleue)
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Mail / Check / Money Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)
  • Local Bank Transfer
In case you are wondering what BLS*TerminalWorks on your credit card statement is.
BLS is short for BlueSnap which is our purchase transactions services. As all payments go to them on the payment reports you should see BLS*Terminal Works (Software name)
or simply BLS*(Software name).

On the Invoice email provided to the purchase email used in our web form you should receive a message with the following details below.

This charge will appear on your credit card statement as:

BLS*TSSCAN (In case TSSCan was purchase)

The above details would be send in case you purchased a TSScan license.

Our licenses are bound to the hardware ID, that is just a string of letters and numbers generated by the server part of our installation.
If your license is showing as expired that means that the hardware ID has changed and you need to transfer the license to the proper hardware ID.
To find your hardware-ID, please follow the instructions explained on the following page:
Please make sure that you copy and paste it because it is case sensitive.
To transfer your license please follow the instructions below:

Log in to your online account at TerminalWorks to transfer your license. Log in link:

Use your purchase email:

When logged in, locate the license in question and press the Options button and select the Transfer option from the list, there are two methods of transfer available:

1st method is used when a change has been made on your server or when you are trying to move your license from one server to another in most cases when decommissioning an old server.
The whole process is done on the server where you need to deactivate the license. Simply initiate the transfer using the 1st method from your customer account, download the deactivation tool which will be provided to you in the guided transfer on your account, and run it as administrator, once the license is deactivated, you will receive the deactivation code.
Copy and paste the deactivation code in the field on your account. You will either receive a license credit which you can use to generate a new license or if that license was already transferred using the 2nd method in the past you will be allowed to enter the new hardware ID and transfer the license immediately.

2nd method is used in emergency cases like a server crash or a virus attack when there is no possibility to use the deactivation tool.
Simply use the current hardware ID from your server and enter a reason for the transfer. Please note that this method requires an approval from our side and it has a two-time limitation.
Once we approve your transfer request the license file is automatically sent to your e-mail and the license is exchanged on your customer account as well.

After you have successfully transferred your license using either of the two mentioned methods simply download the new license file on your server.

To apply the new license please follow the instructions explained on this link: HOW TO LOAD A LICENSE

Yes, you can upgrade your existing licenses on your customer portal.
Upgrading is possible for Limited (per user) licenses for TSscan and TSprint by adding more users to your existing license or upgrading straight to the Unlimited license by paying only the price difference.
An upgrade is also possible for Unitwain and CLscan licenses to add more features to your existing license.

To upgrade your license log in to your customer account, locate your license and click on the Options button next to it and select Upgrade. Select from the available options depending on your needs and confirm.
You will be redirected to the purchase page and once your order is processed the license will be exchanged on the account. Afterward, download your new license and apply it on your server.

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