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We offer remote support in cases where the issue cannot be resolved via chat or phone call. Software Assurance customers are entitled to premium VIP support from our experienced team.

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Frequently asked questions for Software Assurance

To add Software Assurance to your existing license, navigate to the list of generated licenses.

Once you're there, you can choose between adding Software Assurance to multiple licenses at once or directly on just a single license.

1. Adding Software Assurance to the single license

Click on the "Options" as shown in the image below.

Once you do so, an additional menu will pop up where you can choose "Add Software Assurance Subscription".

2. Adding Software Assurance to multiple licenses at once

This one is pretty straight-forward as well. Once you're located at the list of the generated licenses section, all you have to do is to click on the "Add Software Assurance" button located in the top right corner of your licenses section.

Once you click on it, the cart will be displayed as well as the "add" signs used to put the licenses in the cart.

As soon as you have all your licenses in the cart, click on the "Checkout" button, and proceed with the purchase.

By subscribing to the Software Assurance program, a new section on your customer account will unlock where you can open VIP tickets. This can be done directly from your customer account via VIP chat, VIP email, or VIP phone number.
Tickets marked as VIP will automatically go to the priority queue and will be resolved quicker than the regular tickets. Also, the tickets will be handled by our senior, more experienced, technicians.

You can open a VIP ticket in many ways. The one we would suggest is to log in to your customer account and click on the "Software Assurance" in the menu. The following will be displayed:

Here you can choose if you will contact our VIP support team via email, chat, or VIP phone directly.
The other way of opening a ticket would be to scroll to the licenses section and click on the "Options" where you will be offered to "Open Software Assurance Ticket" :

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